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Re: Basic DLSw Configurations posted 01/11/2001
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to test DLSW on put up two workstations with netbeui running and then share 
a drive or folder. They must
be in the same windows workgroup for this to work. Then you can use 
explorer to see the other workstation and
shared folder.

or - if you have extra routers - I'll post the sna switched services method 
again - requires 12.1 code though.

For your solution below use dlsw icanreach for the MAC addresses - then after
the peers are setup look at the capabilities and dlsw reachability cache - 
this will put
in a static entry on the other peers reachability  cache and hence stop the 

For number 3 you will need a netbios name filter. Look at recent postings 
to this group - lots
of discussion around this one lately.

Julie Ann

At 05:11 PM 1/10/2001 -0600, Ronnie Royston wrote:
>Someone please post the relevant DLSw configs that would meet the criteria
>for the following situations.
>ethernet---R1- - - - -R2--token ring
>                (loopbacks)
>1. Stop R1 from sending explorer packets to R2s ring looking for mac address
>2. Stop R2 from sending explorer packets to R1a enet looking for mac address
>3. Stop users on R1s enet from accessing a station on R2s token ring with
>the name HOST.
>Each senario is exclusive from the others.  Thanks.
>**PS Does someone know of a way to test DLSw using either Cisco routers or
>PCs running Windows 98?
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