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Re: back to back AUX - Any way to do simulated dialup, dialer lists? posted 01/11/2001
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On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Roger Dellaca wrote:

> I put modems on the AUX ports & put them in to my FXS's on a 1750-2v.  
> Dialer inband.  With ospf, if I remember right even demand circuit
> doesn't keep it quiet unless you create a dialer profile.  Chat
> scripts can be a pain, I had it dial, connect & authenticate PPP, then
> time out & try to send PPP packets thereafter without dialing again.

That works??  I would have thought there would be too much delay or the
quality would have been affected too much...

  Barry J. Bocaner
 Sr. Network Engineer          TruEdge Technologies
  <barry@xxxxxxxxxxx>           703-573-9884 x 103

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