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Re: DLSw posted 01/10/2001
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I have been thinking about it and there is one thing that comes to my mind. 
If i define two bridge groups, put ether of Router2 in one bridge group and 
ring 1 in bridge group 2 and then define two dlsw bgroup-lists, one 
permitting bridge 1 and the other bridge 2 and map them to the remote peer 
statements of the two other routers ... will this stop Router 3 from 
communicating with the ether of Router 2 and the Ether of Router 1 from 
communicating with the ring 1 of router 2. I think it should work .. 
unfortunately i dont have the resources to test it out so if someone can 
confirm this i will be grateful.


>From: "Atif Awan" <atifawan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Reply-To: "Atif Awan" <atifawan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: DLSw
>Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 01:17:58
>if you have two DLSw remote peers configured on a router that has both a
>token ring and an ethernet interface. One of the peers has a token ring
>interface while the other has an ethernet interface. If the requirement is
>that the bridging connectivity between the token rings should be 
>from the bridging connectivity between the ethernet segments then how can
>this be achieved ?
>Let me try to make this a little clear :
>Router 1 ---------  Router2 ----------  Router 3
>    |                  |  |                  |
>ether            ether ring1             ring 2
>Now if i have to configure dlsw between router1 and router 2 and then 
>2 and router 3 and such that ether of router 1 should only be able to
>connect to the ether of router 2 and ring 1 of router 2 should be only able
>to connect to the ring 2 of router 3 and vice versa then how can this be
>achieved ?
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