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Re: NETBIOS Host Access lists posted 01/10/2001
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Source route bridging
configuration guide here are some examples. I believe from these examples 
that you should use a ? not a . at the end of your access-list.
And for the second one use ABC?E.

Julie Ann

NetBIOS Access Filters Example

The following command permits packets that include the station name ABCD to 
pass through the router, but denies passage to packets that do not include the
station name ABCD:

netbios access-list host marketing permit ABCD

The following command specifies a prefix where the pattern matches any name 
beginning with the characters DEFG. Note that the string DEFG itself is 
included in
this condition.

netbios access-list host marketing deny DEFG*

The following command permits any station name with the letter W as the 
first character and the letter Y as the third character in the name. The 
second and fourth
letters in the name can be any character. This example would allow stations 
named WXYZ and WAYB; however, stations named WY and WXY would not be
included in this statement, because the question mark must match some 
specific character in the name.

netbios access-list host marketing permit W?Y?

The following command illustrates how to combine wildcard characters:

netbios access-list host marketing deny AC?*

The command specifies that the marketing list deny any name beginning with 
AC that is at least three characters in length (the question mark would 
match any third
character). The string ACBD and ACB would match, but the string AC would not.

The following command removes the entire marketing NetBIOS access list.

no netbios access-list host marketing

To remove single entries from the list, use a command such as the following:

no netbios access-list host marketing deny AC?*

This example removes only the list that filters station names with the 
letters AC at the beginning of the name.

Keep in mind that the access lists are scanned in order. In the following 
example, the first list denies all entries beginning with the letters ABC, 
including one named
ABCD. This voids the second command, because the entry permitting a name 
with ABCD comes after the entry denying it.

netbios access-list host marketing deny ABC*
netbios access-list host marketing permit ABCD

At 05:33 PM 1/9/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Will the following deny any netbios host with the name STATIONx , where x =
>any possible character, from communicating across DLSw? (note the "." at the
>end of the access list)  If not, what is the wildcard character to use if
>you are asked to allow netbios hosts with the name ABCxE where x could be
>any character?
>netbios access-list host FILTER_1 deny STATION.
>netbios access-list host FILTER_1 permit *
>dlsw local-peer peer-id
>dlsw remote-peer 0 tcp host-netbios-out FILTER_1
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