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SR/Translational Bridging posted 01/09/2001
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I am having some trouble understanding a part of this concept. In the
documentation listed below, when creating the "Source-Bridge Transparent"
statement, I understand the virtual ring and the pseudo ring. It is the next
two parameters that are giving me fits. I THINK the TB-Group refers to my
ethernet Bridge-group and so If I am using Bridge-group 1 then the last
number of the SRT statement is 1. But where does the 3rd parameter come
from. Is it the Source-Bridge Bridge numbers on all the token ring
interfaces? Or is it merely a fictional bridge number created to tie the
TB-Group to the Source Bridge Ring group. Or is it exactly the same as the
TB-Group (Which most of the examples show). The explanations I have found
have not been particularly helpful here.

source-bridge transparent ring-group pseudo-ring bridge-num tb-group

Please don't quote Cisco's documentation to me. I need a little more
instruction, as I have read it until I want to snap the CD in half!

(7 days and counting...)

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