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Re: CCBOOTCAMP LABS posted 01/08/2001
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If you do a search of this list's archives, you'll find a lot of 
recommendations for the labs from CCBootCamp.

I used them myself and I think they're great - they're worth every penny. 
The scenarios Marc has put together really get your mind in the place it 
needs to be to tackle the issues in the lab. My brain still hurts every 
time I see the words "Lab 8". :-)

I won't say I couldn't have passed without them - but without them, it 
might have taken a few more attempts at the lab.

CCIE #5867

At 1/8/01, jansenr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>I am looking into purchasing the Labs from CCBOOTCAMP.  I am looking for
>any feed back both potitive and negative on these labs and the material
>associated with them.
>Thank in advance.
>Bob Jansen
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