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OSPF area 0 summarization question posted 11/05/2000
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A common scenario in practice labs is the frame cloud with mixed interface
types running ospf area 0.  a common solution is to use ip ospf network
point-to-multipoint on all of the interfaces.

Of course the drawback to this is now you have a host route for every frame
interface that resides in the backbone area. wouldn't it be nice to
summarize these routes so everybody and their dog doesn't have to run SPF
everytime a backbone interface flaps?

There does not seem to be a mechanism to do this (at least I have not
figured out how to do it).  Is it a true statement that area 0 originated
routes cannot be summarized within the OSPF domain?

P.S.  I hope we can avoid a religious discussion of what frame mapping/ospf
interface combination is best.

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