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BGP to OSPF redist posted 11/01/2000
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    I have 2 routers in BGP AS 2, R1 and R6. R1 has an EBGP connection to R7 and an IBGP connection to R6. R6 has an EBGP connection to R8 (different AS than R7), and a IBGP connection to R1.
    Both R1 and R6 have a EBGP route learned from their external neighbor, and an IBGP route learned from the IBGP neighbor.
    Both routes are in the main routing table in both routers.
    Problem is that when I redistribute BGP into OSPF on either R6 or R1, the only route that gets redistributed is that particular router's EBGP learned route. The IBGP learned route does not get redistributed. What am I missing?
    I can get both routes into OSPF by doing redistribution on each router, but I don't undertsand what is happening.