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Re: What IOS on CD? posted 08/15/2000
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I find each site is different.
Last time, they just through so many CDs on my desk.
I find all of them are old, I asked for the latest CD and got one with 12.1.
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Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2000 9:07 AM
Subject: RE: What IOS on CD?

You get what they give you, of course.  I did not get a CD with 12.1 on it.



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Subject: What IOS on CD?


    I am studying hard and practicing, but will need the CD I'm sure. I am getting very familiar with the 12.1 IOS doc guide, and want to make sure that the CD that we get to browse will have 12.1 on it.

    Anyone  who has been lately, do you get the latest CD?