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Re: DHCP posted 06/23/2000
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Title: DHCP
    I would also like to see some examples. I have been unable to find this in the docs and have run into this recently.
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Sent: Monday, June 19, 2000 11:49 PM
Subject: DHCP


Not lab related - real life.  Does anyone care to pass any comments on IOS DHCP services?  I'm looking to replace a customers current setup with it.  I figure I can mesh it into the ISL/VLAN config on their 3600/Router on a stick nicely by applying pools to subinterfaces.

Never having used it in a real world (i.e. outside of a lab) scenario I'd be interested to know from those who have what it performs like.  Is it reliable, is it ok with its lease times, renewals, etc when serving a few hundred clients.

If anyone would like to pass comment based on experience I'd really appreciate it.