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how to configure dial backup posted 05/29/2000
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Hi everyone,

I have fourteen (14) 1601 routers with one serial interface connected to a frame-relay wireless cloud going into a 3640 central router. This central router will give access to a database NT server for the remotes.
Also, the 1601 routers have another serial sync/async interface which will have a usrobotics courier v.everything modem to dial into a shiva lan/rover access server when the main line goes down. The shiva will be connected to the same segment of the central router and will have to give access to the same NT server. I need to know how to configure the fourteen (14) 1601 routers to use the modems to dial backup when the main line goes down and to disconnect when the main line comes back up.
I need to know how to configure the dip switches on the modems, chat-scripts, and any other details for this to work. Please, if there is anyone that can help me with this as soon as possible, i will really appreciate it....i'm desperate!!! I need to have this all figured out by tonight!. In case anyone cares to call me, fell free to do so at

thanks in advanced
Angel Moya
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