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The dark side of CCIE posted 04/17/2000
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Like everybody who just got CCIE, I have something to say about the CCIE

There is a question popped up in reviewing my past 3 years CCIE prep. Did I
spend my time wisely? The answer is negative. Let's take a look at one of my
friend's journey in the same period. This guy started his consulting in a
brokerage firm earn $85/hour in 97 and worked on his website since 96 off
hours. He put $40,000 in internet stocks in 1998, whose value went beyond $2
million twice. He sold with net $600,000-700,000 and quitted his job last
summer. Following that, he rented an office at World Trade Center at New
York City and hired 6 guys to revamp his website. In the past early March,
he sold his website to a phone company for more than $10 million, which made
Reuters and PRwire news in the web. He is 30 by August.

His working list for his past 3 years was, studying internet business plans,
preparing his business plan, chasing venture capitals, extending web
services, networking with potential suitors...
My working list for my past 3 years was, studying frame relay, isdn, ospf,
bgp, going to training on dlsw, design, practicing in labs, networking with
CCIE and candidates, chasing new test topics atm, voice...

I also developed much more near sight, digestion problems, carpal tunnel
syndrome besides more psychological factors less efficiency,  less certainty
and alienated wife and kids.

Would it be wise to spend a long period time and dedication of your life for
CCIE $100,000 reward? We only live once. The big question for everybody. How
can you spend your time wisely in your next 3 years?
Yuan Yao

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