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IGRP Issues posted 01/25/2000
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Hi Everyone,
1st Question:
I have two routers R2 and R3
R2 has 3 interfaces:
Lo0: /30
E0 : /29
S0 : /30
router igrp 100
passive-interface lo 0
R3 has 3 interfaces:
S0 : /30
E0 : /30
S1 : /29
router igrp 100
passive-interface e0
passive-interface s1
On R3, when I "sh ip route", I see R2's loopback in my table. Why? I thought by "passive-int lo 0", I wouldn't see it?
2nd Question:
If I run OSPF on R3's S1 interface, will I be able to redistribute that into IGRP since it is a /29 ?
Please explain, it's been a long day and I'm not thinking straight.