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Re: BGP posted 01/19/2000
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Redistribute BGP into the R2's IGP or static route on R2 (default route
may be) to R3's west interface address. I assume you used "no sync" to
get the BGP routes into R1's routing table.

Hope this helps

Ben Rife wrote:

> Question: How do you configure BGP so I can ping in the following
> senario:  R1----------R2---------R3-----------R4AS3
> AS3         AS4 R2 is not running BGP. I have a loopback on R4, which
> is in the BGP and Route tables of R1 & R3. I have a statement on R3
> which tells R1, it is the next-hop. R1 can't ping the loopback on R4,
> R3 can. What am I missing? Thanks, Ben

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