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Bridging Vines. posted 07/20/1999
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I am having difficulty bridging Vines across a router. Firstly, I have
confiugered 3 routers to route Vines normally. This works fine as follows:

	conf t
	vines routing 21111111:0001
	int e0
	vines metric 1

	conf t
	vines routing 22222222:0001
	int e0
	vines metric 1
	int e1
	vines metric 1

	conf t
	vines routing 23333333:0001
	int e0
	vines metric

Now for the bridging config that won't work:

R1 & R3 are as above.

R2 I have enabled irb as follows and tried both the DEC & IEEE protocols:

	conf t
	vines routing -------------- ( I have tried with and without this
	bridge irb
	bridge 1 protocol IEEE ---------(I have tried DEC also)
	bridge 1 bridge vines    -------(I have typed this but it dosen't
register the command in running-config)
	no bridge 1 route vines   -------(I have added this to try to turn
off vines routing but it dosen't register the command in running-config)

	int e0
	bridge-group 1
	no vines metric 1  ---------------(I have tried with "vines metric 1
also, but I figure this enables vines routing on the interface so it is best
left off)

	int e1
	bridge-group 1

I have read all I can find in the CCO doco but there isn't much in there.
Any suggestions will be happily accepted.

Kind regards, Ian.


Network Integration Consultant
245-249 St.Kilda Road
St.Kilda Victoria 3182
Desk   95361429
Mobile 0419 532 436
or mailto://Ian.Hutchinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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