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Subnetting Help? [1:18510] posted 06/13/2007
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This is basic stuff, but I'm sure there are at least a few people out there
who have been where I am: when first studying subnetting, I think I must
have misunderstood something really key because now I cannot get the concept
to click with me.  I know what the purpose is.  I understand that the subnet
mask is meant to show which portion of an IP is the network portion, and
which is the host portion.  I understand that subnetting is used to divide
the use of one IP among several networks.  I'm not even sure what I don't

Where does the mask exist and when is it applied?  I feel like this is an
outrageously dumb question, but all I have done is read and I have no
hands-on experience to draw from.

Also, my understanding was that hex is used heavily in subnetting, but I
read a very recent post where someone said there was no reference to hex
notation on the CCNA exam?  Is that true?

Thanks in advance for your help!

- Adam

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