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woodland posted 09/17/2006
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An dey hawses done et up all de mint an dey done brokeall de glasses.
Tears started from Mammys eyes as she leaned down to pick up thebuckets.
She tilted the dipper, drew a deep breath and drank swiftly. And you, Pork, go dig up that whisky and then somepotatoes.
She handed the water to him but he shook his head. That must come later, when she could stand it. Be a littleman, Wade, and stop crying or I will come over there and slap you.
But Mammys first words dispelled this illusion. Spec it one of MistMacIntoshs dat de niggers driv in de woods an de Yankees dingit.
Thoughts of Melanies prolonged suffering spurred Scarlett toaction.
Thats Mammy gettin the water to sponge off the young Misses. Gerald stared at her for a moment as if not hearing her and sherepeated her question. An dey hawses done et up all de mint an dey done brokeall de glasses.
You can use a stick of firewood, cant you? She was nolonger plastic clay, yielding imprint to each new experience.
The horse stood with head drooping dejectedly and refused to start. She gnawed furiously, torewith both hands and the petticoat lay in strips in her hands.
Gerald moved toward her, silent as a sleepwalker, his stiff legdragging.
Butshe had the cow and she might as well keep her. And I said that they would be burning it over my head. Miss Ellen had monshe could tote anyways.

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