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Re: CCNA Study Partner [1:15412] posted 06/21/2004
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Okay guys, still no study room available here as of yet for our CCNA study. 
I'm going to email around and find out if there is a problem with it.  Did
everyone get a chance to go over  I went through it and
found some different answers than what they had also.  I'm behind schedule
with doing the IP exam, but will have it on my website either tonight or
tomorrow night.  It will be approx 50 questions dealing with the most basic
to the more advanced subnetting topics.
Also, I would like everyone if possible to check out the reviews of the
exams for CCNA.  I posted links to them on my site.  The reviews are through
writers for TCPMag.  They reviewed the 801, 811, and 821 exams.  I don't
know which exam(s) that everyone will want to go with, but for myself, I'm
probably going to shoot for the 801.  The rest of this week, just get really
familiar with IP addressing/subnetting and read through the reviews of the
exams.  Next week we'll add on another topic.

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