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RE: CCNA Study Partner [1:15412] posted 06/11/2004
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I took the 801 exam in January and passed.  I read the Cisco Press
811/821 books cover to cover as well as used the Boson practice tests.

I also used the practice tests that came with the books but found them
filled with errors.  Cisco Press has issued updates for them and they
are available on the web site.  An updated CD is also available free of
charge from them.

Shawn McHenry

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Vinisha and Martin,
   September or October is good with me.  Were you thinking about the
801 exam or the dual 811/821 exam?  I was thinking about shooting for
801 but hear that it's a little more difficult.  I'll break down the
requirements list.  Also, if ya do a search on MCPmag and 640-801, they
reviewed the exam, and some of the pitfalls of it.  Please check out my
for the exam quizes that are there.  I also just added a webchat page to
site so that we can schedule some virtual study sessions if you want.

Please let me know if you have a plan of attack on this or not.


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