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RE: Understanding WANS [1:11755] posted 01/24/2003
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Subject: Re: Understanding WANS [1:11755]

Lets say that MegaCorp has 5 offices throughout the
United States.  They want to connect all 5 offices. 
If they use dedicated leased lines each office would
have to have 4 T1's for a total of 20 T1's for all
offices. Now, a better approach would be to have each
office order one frame circuit into a frame providers
network.  This way all the offices are connected to
the same network.  Now since frame relay is a
point-to-MULTIPOINT technology, each office would only
require one T1 into the frame providers network.  The
frame provider can then forward the traffic to the
appropriate office.
Say MegaCorp has SuperISP to provide this Frame Relay
service interconnecting their sites.  How would
MegaCorp typically connect to the Internet?  Would the
Internet data typically go into the same router
providing the Frame Relay inter-site connectivity? 
Would the internet traffic go over the same Frame
Relay interface to the SuperISP?  or is the Frame
Service typically JUST for inter-connecting multiple
sites (and not used as Internet Gateway)?


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