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Re: cisco 2502 aux & console ports [1:11075] posted 10/31/2002
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You never replied to my post :(    Here it is again....

Even if there was no memory flash or DRAM in the router, you should still
see some text on HyperTerm. How much did he pay for the routers? I have a
feeling he bought them from a
seller that specified them as "Sold As Is".

Do they power up at all? Also I wouldn't rule out defective power supplies.

Good Luck!

""Abdi Farhan""  wrote in message
> Hi,
> Is it possible all these routers are faulty and dead??  Recently my
> purchased about 10 cisco 2502 routers and testing them now , I cannot
> connect to all of the ten routers using hyperterminal from winXP. my
> hyperterminal is set to its default: 9600/8/n/1. I used both aux and
> port. Rebooting the routers does not help at all.
> I connect my pc serial port to the aux port/console port using the Cisco
> blue cables and did the correct steps connecting eg return/carriege etc.
> I'n not sure whether these routers have any mem/flash. How else can I
> if these routers are any good. thanks in advance.
> FA

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