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Re: Recently passed CCNA [1:10883] posted 10/07/2002
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For your CCNP, the proposed schedule is
remote access

But I did them out of order, so its really how ever you wish to take them...
switching is probably easier, routing is probably hardest...


James Gosnold wrote:

>Congrats Steve, I passed last week and it's a good feeling. Can't disagree
>with your advice either.
>I would also be interested in hearing any advice from others about what
>order to attack the CCNP exams in, I went for the CCNA to alleviate some
>frustration in my lack of career development in my current job, it took
>precisely 48 hours for the frustration to return after passing the CCNA, I
>had hoped the euphoria might last a little longer!
>So it's onwards and upwards....

Larry Letterman
Network Engineer
Cisco Systems Inc.

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