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Re: ! [1:10827] posted 10/03/2002
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ok guys 
  iam not doing any thing illegal ok .u all post many message that u need
resources on ccna . when u try to help u all juts try to brust  my ass soory
for being abusive buti dont like this . if u don't want it then say no i got
the message from moderator about this and i apologies that i upload that
message. i really want all of the one who is member of this group to become
ccna .  may i am to rude its because i am too young  but i belve in one 
thing by sharing  things u will make things easy for may people who can't
afford it .
as far as  illegally doing it . i am not doing it its my copy and  i can
share it  with  any number of peoples. according to copright law i am not
allowed to  publish the book or reproduce it in my name .  because content
of that book is copyrighted . but  certainly i can share it with peoples i
think this is group for that .
         most of the post r juts regading urs queries . no one post any
question  or  quizes that so that  it benefits the guys whor preparing for
it .
                do think about it . the books  what we have will be junk
once we get knowledge  and gain excel in our field . but atleast by sharing
wiht some one it will help some one . i am sure that most of the people who
r certified never use study guides back .
 at least share wiht some one who needs it . 
                    my email address is 

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