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Re: Troytech 3.0 CCNA [1:10805] posted 10/02/2002
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Take Greg's advice...If you dont learn the material, you probably wont 
go far in an
interview with a hiring manager or a network engineer that interviews 
you. I have interviewed
applicants that passed the test and then could not answer 5 basic 
network questions....


Gregory W. Smith wrote:

>Don't you all realize this is (a) something TroyTech *sells* - that you're
>asking for for free, and (b) is a braindump on paper (or pdf)?
>Spend your efforts on learning the material, not memorizing exam questions.
>""Sondra Paines""  wrote in message
>>I will like to see this for evaluation could someone send this to me

Larry Letterman
Network Engineer
Cisco Systems Inc.

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