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RE: collision window [1:8710] posted 04/02/2002
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It will depend on the number of stations on the segment.  Whether they
transmit data at 10 or 100 or 1000 Mbps is irrelevant.  What determines the
collision rate is the number of stations transmitting on the segment.  The
more stations you have, the greater the contention for the medium and so
there is a greater chance of collision.  The fewer stations you have the
less contention for the medium and the less chance for collision.


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Subject:	collision window [1:8710]

Can anybody explain me when transmission rate increases why the
probability of detecting the collision decreases ?
  Transmission rate increases and the time required to transmit a frame
decreases.So I think that the stations should here the collison .
But the real world says something different.

thanks in advance for any help..

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