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RE: Root Bridge Lab from Sybex [1:7732] posted 02/20/2002
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This is one of the many mistakes in this book. Check out the erata on 

Caleb Mills
MCSE (NT4 & W2k)

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From: Graham McKenzie [mailto:Graham_McKenzie@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, 21 February 2002 9:00 a.m.
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Subject: RE: Root Bridge Lab from Sybex [1:7732]

The root ports are the ports closest to the root bridge with the least cost
path (the ports that receives the lowest cost CBPDUs).  All other ports on
are blocked unless they are also designated ports for the segment (on the
root bridge, all ports are designated ports). 

Hope this helps

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From: 	Gandre Amit [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent:	Wednesday, February 20, 2002 1:34 PM
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Subject:	Root Bridge Lab from Sybex [1:7732]

   I have this question about the Written Lan section, Chapter 2 in the
Sybex book. It is on page 88.

    Can someone tell me the answers to Q2 (designated ports)?
And an additional question, what are the root ports

My answer to 
Q. What are the root ports?

Ans Port 0 and Port 1 on 1900B and C switches

Q. What are designate ports?

Ans Port 1 on 1900B would be the designated port and port 0 on 1900 A 
    will be designated port. 

Sybex book answer is different.. Can some one explain.. I am reasoning based
on what they have shown in Fig 2.5 on Page 83..


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