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Dilemma [1:7363] posted 01/23/2002
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Hi Folks

I a new to this mailing list and would like some advice from the more 
experienced guys.

I am in the process of attaining my CCNA cert. I have done all four 
semesters at a Network Academy and should have the CCNA within four weeks. I 
would then like to go for my MCSE. I have spoken to a few people, and they 
told me that I have done it the wrong way round and that I should have done 
a few MCPs first, and then done the CCNA.

What I want to know is, is it worth me paying #5000 for an instructor led 
MCSE program or is it better to pay a third of this price for the distance 
learning equivalent? I realise this is not a Cisco issue but I would really 
be grateful if someone could shed some light on this issue for me.


Mike (Glasgow)

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