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RE: UNEMPLOYMENT % FOR CCNA? [1:7041] posted 01/05/2002
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I have to very much agree with this.
You can't be a 'techie' forever :-)
Eventually you have to make your way into management, and in that case, the
higher the education, the better off you will be.

How many 40 - 60 year old network engineers do you see?

Even 10 years seems too many.
I think the best bet is to get some great experience for the first 5 - 7
years, and then make sure you are in a company that has plenty of upward

I know people that were great engineers, but got screwed because of a lack
of formal education.
A companies requirements for hiring their 'techies' is going to be much
different than their requirements for hiring and promoting management.

Just my opinion.

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Without a college degree one will never get into management and ALL
current technologists will top out in their field eventually. 
At some point in your career your experience will begin to be a
detriment, you'll be too expensive to hire when some 19 year old kid
is perfectly willing to do the job for half of what you earn. 
The most successful career path is network technologists for 10 or so
years followed by a transition into MIS/CIO field. Those who fail this
transition fail because of ageism and lack of demonstrable business
backround. Don't sell yourself short bu thinking that keeping current
with certs is the solution to earning a living. 

PS- my wife is a PhD, holds patents, and is one of the top 10
researchers in the world in the field of cellular adhesion . She
*does* know it all. 

On Sat, 5 Jan 2002 00:28:34 -0500, you wrote:

>I know PHD's that means nothing to me. They all think because they made it
>through 12 years of college and got published they know it all.One of the
>investors in my company is a PHD he knows nothing family money. PHD's make
>good professors for more PHD's.
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>Subject: RE: UNEMPLOYMENT % FOR CCNA? [1:7041]
>> In European Countries students start there careers in high school.
>> starts training there Mercedes mechanics in the 9th grade. Accountants
>> Economist also start their respective training in high school. America
>> to  wake up.  Our SAT scores are way down.  a high school diploma does
>> equate to anything anymore. Individuals with technical certifications
>> more than college graduates. A friend of mines who is MSCE & Cisco
>> earns more than a PHD. (college professor pay  David Constantino wrote:
>> ->
>> -> I
>> -> > am against Cisco academy in the high schools I think it
>> -> gives the students
>> -> > an easy out the kids today need College. At your level Tom
>> -> it gives some of
>> -> > us a second chance at life. JC I hope your spirit changes
>> -> or 15 certs will
>> -> > not help you in this dog eat dog industry.
>> -> > >
>> -> > >
>> -> > > JC Lord wrote:
>> -> > >
>> -> > > > HELLO EVERYONE.
>> -> > > >
>> -> > > > GOD BLESS....
>> ->
>> ->

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