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RE: copy of configuration [1:3532] posted 04/30/2001
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> Hi i am new into this field .I have a cisco router 2501 .i 
> want to make sure
> that i do not tamper it by default . since its a working 
> system .how can i
> keep a copy of configuration so that if the settings change i 
> can revert back
> to my original configuration ..

hi raj,

you can do a couple of things.

the laborious way is to issue the 'show run' command from a terminal session
and copy/paste (or even write down!) the config and put is somewhere safe.

should you need to restore your config you can erase whatever's on the
router and re-enter the commands that you've stored.

A much better method is to set up a TFTP server on a PC and copy the configs
there. Go to...

...for Cisco's free TFTP server.

once installed, just issue the 'copy run tftp' command and follow the
prompts to save a copy of your running config to the TFTP server. To
restore, you most likely want to issue 'copy tftp start' and reboot the
router. As I found out the other day on this list, if you do a 'copy tftp
run' you will merge the commands in your TFTP config with the commands in
the running configuration of the router, which may lead to an undesirable

another benefit of TFTP is that you can use it to store backups of your IOS
images, or boot directly from an image stored there.


> since i would l>

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