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Re: Subnet mask/ OSPF Routing [1:3308] posted 04/15/2001
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I've set this up before but that was some time ago and wouldn't you believe
it I didn't take any notes (the one time)  I believe it was a subnet mask
thing then just like Cisco press mentions in Ch 7.  I do remember somthing
about having to go to /16 mask somewhere but can't remember

- running NT4 OS

- The trace route from Host A to Router B stops at the so I'm
getting 1 hop out of host A and to Router B int e0/0 the 30.1 address.  When
I trace route from Router B to host B there is no problem showing all hops. 
Also when I trace from Host B to Host A all hops are showing up

- now this works fine when I add a static route to Host A stating that
network mask g/w
Also there is no route in Host B's route table to Host A, but again it can
ping it just fine letting the router to it's job

- my sh ip cache shows on both router showes both sides just fine it's
direcly connected ip as well as the network address on the far side of the

- the sh ip route seems to be normal showing the network addresss on 
  the opposite router ie.  Router B shows the connected routes and the
  OSPF route via the Router A shows OSPF   
  route 30.0 via 20.2 which is the way it's supposed to be


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