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subnet question [1:3144] posted 04/10/2001
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Correct answers are "a", which is a valid range for subnet 8, and "c" which
is a valid range for subnet 16.
Answer "b" is wrong because it includes 0 and 255 as host adresses for the
subnet 16.

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From: "Joep Hoet" 
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Sent: Monday, April 09, 2001 2:21 PM
Subject: subnet question [1:3144]

I have a network with an IP address of,
the subnetmask starts with 21 bits of 1's followed
by 11 bits of 0's.

Which is a legal hosts range of a subnet that exists given
 the subnetmask and the above IP-address?

a. to
b. to
c. to

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