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Re: Router Cables [1:2966] posted 04/04/2001
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for the cable pinouts try

For connecting the routers back to back you need either
separate dce and dte cables from cisco ( about $80 each ) or
you can order custom made dce/dte cables at about $30 each
for diong back to back on the 25xx series.  Also you can
get db60 to db50  dce/dte cables for $55 each.

I get mine from Robert Lowrey (bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx).  The
service is good and he makes a good product.


On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Wallis Short wrote:

:Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 19:21:33 -0400
:From: Wallis Short 
:To: associate@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
:Subject: Router Cables [1:2966]
:Hi All
:I am writing my CCNA exam on April 11 and have managed to "aquire" one of
:each of the following routers 2501,2504 and 4000 series router.
:I would like to set up the 4000 as a core router and to handle frame relay
:switching and then connect the 2500's to it with DTE/DCE cables.
:What I need is "which type do I get? - the v.35, RS232,X21 etc??
:Also where do I get a pin-out of a roll over cable for my laptop so that I
:can connect from my DB9 to the console of the routers (the 2500's use RJ45
:and the 4000 has a DB25 for the console connection)Would I need to buy 2
:rollover cables ( I know I could connect to one and Telnet to the other) but
:would it work if I used a RJ45/DB25 convertor if i needed to connect to the
:If any one out there has a home network I would really be greatful if they
:could help out!!
:I have been using routersim v2.1 which is great but when I do my CCNP
:nothing better than having a home lab with which to work from :)
:Many thanks


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