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RE: Advices me... Don't laugh [1:1833] posted 02/01/2001
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Welcome to our study group. It is always nice to have young people
interested in the networking field. Go for it !
My advice to you is to be prepared to study hard and practice a lot in order
to succeed. Think of your effort as that of your favourite athlete in any
sport. Talent alone is not enough, you have to train more, improve your
strong points but also find your weaknesses and cover them as well. Remember
that if you set your goals too high you might get disappointed, aim for the
top but do it one step at a time.
Be aware that in the beginning you might be faced with a Catch 22 situation
where you cannot get a job without experience and get experience without a
job. To overcome this you can volunteer to do
networking jobs for non-profit organizations (school-church-hospital
whatever you like). This way you can get involved in real world problems and
prove to your future employers that you are a self-starter.

May the force be with you young Skywalker

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